Lady's Information

Breed: Maltese Mix,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 6 Years
Can live with: Children,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Los Angeles, CA

WHY WE’RE RE-HOMING: We love Lady with all our hearts but our lives are just not a good fit for her anymore. We travel almost fulltime and cannot give her a stable home. We don’t have anyone close to us that is able to care for her, either. This is the hardest decision we’ve ever made, she is truly loved. It’s because of that love that we know a new forever home is best for her.

ABOUT LADY: We rescued Lady about five years ago. At the time all we were told was that she was found on the street. She was estimated to be one year old at the time of adoption.

Lady is smart, cuddly and loves meeting new people. Lady has traveled with us across the US for the last year. She has had new sitters in each new city and always takes to them immediately. She is not shy with people. She is very food-motivated and knows several tricks and commands (sit, stay, shake, lay down, spin). She is usually a good eater and is very well house broken. (Just make sure she always goes potty before she enters a new place/home)

Lady is very active and playful. She loves belly rubs and fetch. She has a personality for sure!

Lady is great in the car, she has ridden with us all across the US. We have a car seat for her that will come with the adoption. We call it her “bucket” and she sits in it in the car with no issues.

Lady has never had any major health problems. We have had her teeth professionally cleaned every year.

With us, Lady has always slept in the bed with us at night and is usually left in a crate when alone. She will be okay out of a crate alone after a few months of getting settled. She really is very snuggly and friendly. Everyone who meets her, loves her. She always gets perfect reviews from her sitters.

Lady goes to the groomer regularly and never has any issues. We just let them know she doesn’t like other dogs.

CHILDREN: Lady is good with children of all ages. She has been around infants, toddlers, and older kids. She is patient with them and has never nipped or barked at a kid.

BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGES: Lady is dog aggressive/reactive and suffers from isolation anxiety. She needs a home with no other dogs. She will bark and lunge at every dog she sees or hears. We have tried medication and training with only minimal results. When left alone she will bark, so it’s best if she lives in a detached home, no apartments. She will likely never be good at restaurants, dog parks, or similar where other dogs are present.

WHAT LADY NEEDS: Lady needs a forever home that is a detached house (because of the barking), with a fenced yard. If you walk her, know that you will need to avoid other dogs. A yard would be best for playing and exercise. She needs consistency and stability. She needs a home with no other pets of any kind. We have successfully introduced her to a small handful of dogs, but that’s the exception, not the rule. She usually tries to fight new animals.

Because she is active, we feel she would not be suited for someone who is a fall risk.

WHAT COMES WITH HER: Dog bed, car seat, crate, dog carrier backpack, water bowls, toys, bandanas, leash and harness, medical records and a new bag of food.

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