Lilly's Information

Breed: Pitbull Mix,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 9 Years
Can live with: Children, Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Koreatown

Lilly is an affectionate, goofy girl. She likes to go on walks and gets along with dogs, (she loves them actually.) She thinks she is a lap dog and doesnt know her size.
She is an older dog who doesnt need or desire constant exercise. She.could have one morning walk and sleep the rest of the day. She loves to lay in bed and sleep next to you as well as give you morning kisses.
She has arthritis and needs someone who will take it slow on walks.
She has some food allergies and is best on either raw or cooked food such as honest kitchen.
She behaves well in stores and loves working for treats. She can sit, and shake and loves her crate as long as you are in the house.
She would do well with someone who has a yard and is home a lot. Her seperation anxiety is pretty strong. I have had her for a year and prior to that she was homeless, then in a shelter for 6 mos.
While I have had her she has got surgery to remove all her tumors and she is a warrior.
I have medical issues that have come up and want to find a home who can give her more attention than I can.
She is a super easy dog minus the separation anxiety. I really dont want to have to rehome her, but I cannot afford to get a sitter everytime I leave and she deserves more attention.
She loves griffith park, Rosies dog beach, and just laying in bed with me when I am home.
She is a treasure and does well around children, dogs, she sometimes will chase a cat but not when we are on walks.
I have many videos of her silliness.
You will love her as I do.

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